Why people like to work with me ...

I've been working on a book project of very long scope, spanning years. Although several people have helped me with editing and feedback along the way, it's hard to imagine my finishing the project without Claudia Strong. Her ability to switch between "30,000-foot view" and "crop dusting" the text is nearly seamless, catching copy glitches and logical gaps with equal ease. When I lose my way, Claudia tells me with gentleness and clarity. I am in her debt. 

Ron Londenauthor, chief creative strategist at Journey Group


Claudia is a professional with a breadth of experience that makes her indispensible on creative projects. Plus, she knows how to inject fun into her work, making the design and production process open and enjoyable. Her intelligence and talent are obvious in her work. I trust her instincts and regularly solicit her advice on my own projects. Claudia is fabulous. 

Tippi Thole, owner, Bright Spot Studio


Claudia not only was able to get the design to fit our exact needs, but her input helped us to define what we wanted to say, and her execution was flawless, on time and without question the best work I have (contracted). One of the best things about working with Claudia is that she works with you. She has the vision to take your idea and deliver exactly what you want, or work with you to give you exactly what you need. 

Chris Wolf, Director of Performing Arts, California Center for the Arts

Notes from students ...

Your class is one I look back on every day as I craft responses for SM, press releases, and leadership. I'm surprised at how much I've retained, the difference in how I edit others' work, and how high my bar for writing has been raised. I still have a lot to learn, but, hopefully, one day I'll have the words to thank you properly. 

Student in Media Writing Fundamentals

Thanks for all the patient instructions throughout the semester! I have to say you are the most responsbile professor I've ever met : )

Student in Typographic Design

Your availability, preparedness and involvement with the class forced me to take my graphic contemplation to another level. Without your timely and detailed feedback I would not have learned as much about graphics as I did in your class. Thank you for a wonderful semester.

Student in introduction to graphic design 

You are *SO* good at giving great feedback, quickly and directly but in a really nice way!  That is such an art. Seriously, it was really fun to watch, and I learned a lot. 

Student in introduction to graphic design